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Chevrolet was in "stealth mode" in hiding everything about the C6 Z06 prior to its 2006 introduction at the NAIAS. And when the secret was officially let out - it was the most powerful car ever to come to the party wearing a bow tie.

Fitted with a 7.0L_505HP_small block V8, weighing in at approximately 3100lbs, this monster growls up to 190+MPH.

I personally think AUTOart produced this model off press release photos as a lot of things just don't add up about it.

I think they nailed the basic lines of the car and the exterior seems to be spot on and scale is correct as well.

Even with the handful of inaccuracies, its a decent model that had potential of being one of the best releases of the year.

Overall, they got it pretty close to the 1:1 - but theres always that feeling of "what if" :7

1:18 AUTOart Corvette Z06...

1:1 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
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Not into this type of motor but this one stands out to me, nice lines to this car and those pipes out of the rear look realy mean. The colour of the 1.1 is beautiful, overall a sweet looking vette... :coolpics :cheers

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Very nice looking model and I particularly like the color, but I am curious as to the inaccuracies. :confused :feedback

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A brief description of the inaccuracies center around the engine, front of the window pillar, various areas of the interior and the trunk.
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