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Aa Dodge Viper SRT/10

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This is just one of the many new models I got this month. Its been a surge of diecast around here lately to catch up for not collecting in a while.

Tell me what you think of the pic. :cheers
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Nice pic CX.

Would it be possible to have some more pics of this Viper (interior/engine) as i'm considering buying one.

Very cool pic CX! Love the angle! :cheers
I really like that shot Jacob! The way you have the car in focus, but not the background, really draws my whole attention to the car itself. Keep it up and I hope to see more terrific photography from you! :happy :happy
very nice model :cheers
:coolpics Great shot. Looks very realistic. :coolpics

More pics please!
I also have been thinking of adding this one :tongue
man Jake it looks better than what I thought good job finding it. :cheers :buddies
Great Looking model and an excellent shot of it!!! :coolpics
jwp79: Thanks, here are some other angles. I didnt have a chance to take interior or engine shots but Speedfiend may be able to help you with that. :cheers

Kurt: Im glad you like it! :cheers

StygianMax: Thanks! Ive been trying all different types of backgrounds inddors and out trying to expand my horizons. :cheers

nadav_86: Cheers Nadav! :cheers

corvettekingofcanada: Thanks CKOC, Its the best one I took of this model. :happy

Max Power: Your wish has been granted! See below. I definately recomend this model to your collection, it wold fit right in. :cheers

Ground Control: Thanks GC! When are you going trade up your Maisto for an AUTOart(nudge, nudge)?! :giggle

cobalt1959: Glad you liked! :cheers
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Last one! :happy

I dont know if this one is half way near as good as the previous two but I threw it in just to spice up things. :cheers
Thanks CX.

I opted not to buy this model when they first came out, but now I can get a good deal on them so it would be silly not to get one. Only trouble is, should I get black or silver? :giggle
DUDE! Great shots! :nicejob I love the first two. You're makin' me sweat, man - your pics are so good. :cheers
Both look great so you can't go wrong! :cheers
Thanks D!!! :cheers

Your Beetle RSI pics made me sweat! :giggle
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