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Aa Lambo Diablo VT

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Hey, guys - I got this a month or two ago, but I'm just NOW posting pics. I nabbed this baby, with the ever-present help of CX, for $22.05!!! :danbana The cheapest I'd ever seen it go for before then was $26! :cool Thanks again, CollectorX! :cheers :cheers :cheers

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Congratulations Speedfiend, great model at a great price :cheers
Wow what a coincidence, I just got back from a diecast store in Toronto...and what was the first thing I saw when I walked out of the subway station? Yup you guessed it...a silver Diablo Vt...your exact model. It took my breathe away, if you think the scale model is nice you should see this car in real life. It is truely amazing. The license plate said "SEAHAWK", I wonder who owns it...anyways I'm still recovering from this experience and had to share with you guys :cheers
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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