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AA MB 190 Evo 2

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Like everyone says, just an awesome diecast :cheers


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Congrats Jeff, amazing model :tongue
I was trying to put that one off, but I don't think I will be able to. :tongue
Merceds or not, that thing looks awesome! :nicejob
It really looks very good. I have seen some at my local shop ( 5 were sold in 3 hours!!) Just awesome!

Not my theme, but surely a great piece.

:cheers AMAZING CAR FROM AUTOART :cheers - :cheers CONGRATS :cheers
MY favorite car :cheers
Here is mine :cheers
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Congrat's Jeff :cheers , that's a very beautiful addition
The only thing (apart from the typo) that I don't like in that car are the metal flakes in the piant. Are they that noticeable in person?
I was gonna ask that too Mr Exile :giggle
That was the thing that kept me on the fence for so lpng.
Its not as bad as it looks in the pics because the direct sunlight makes it appear worse.

If you know what the black Maisto MB SLR looks like it it nowhere as noticable as that.
Congrats on another marvellous model Jeff. :cheers There are still 3-4 of these at my local hobby shop. Waiting for the plain version of the 190E before laying my hands on this one.
Oh you've got one too? Niiice!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Mine is on back-order. The online shop where I usually buy from are currently out.

I will join you soon enough. :cheers
:iagree Congrats! :cheers

A very nice car, and one that I too should be adding soon, I hope. The online shop I usually order from is out of them too :giggle
Congratulations, Jeff! Gotta love those rims. :cool
Just have bought the Senna 190 evo, but asap I'll hunt the black Evo 2 down... :woohoo
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Congrats :cheers

Another nice MB! :cheers :cheers
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