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Here's another review for today, guys. This one is for the Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG F1 Limited Edition. The particular model I'm reviewing is a special limited edition version of the CL55 AMG, not the regular CL55 AMG, so there are some external differences including some F1 decals on the sides and on the interior. Also you can most easily tell them apart from the licence plates - the regular CL55 AMG's licence plates have a white background with black AMG font where the CL55 AMG F1 Limited Edition's have a black background with white AMG font.

The paint cannot be faulted. The application is complete without any unpainted areas and there are no rough edges. Like with most of AUTOart's models, it is extremely difficult to tell the silver painted metal from the silver plastic by just looking.

The real Mercedes CL-class is the best part of 5 metres long so it is of little surprise that the model is so long. It is to scale and the proportions are correct. Almost all of the lights are separate plastic pieces - only the central tail light is simulated by a line of red paint. They plastic lights are very accurate although the side repeaters (on the side mirrors) have mounting posts. The windows are also included (a rarity on AUTOart's models) and because the doors have windows, they have handles so the doors can be opened more easily. The grille is realistic since it is perforated but the front air dam isn't perforated although the mesh detail is simulated by moulding in the plastic. Because of the sheer dimensions of the model, it is of little surprise that it weighs in at a rather portly 900 grams. The detail is almost perfect.


The interior has a lot of good points but a few faults down its score. The sunroof is actually functional and it can be pulled out or retracted. The dashboard is very well replicated with mouldings and fine painting representing the controls. The carbon-fibre effect on the F1 LE is very impressive too. The steering wheel and dials are very accurate too but the steering wheel hardly turns so the front wheels only steer by about 10 degrees - most models wheels should steer 15 to 20 degrees. The inner door detail is very good too as the carbon-fibre effect also carries on with fine painting representing the controls. While the floor is carpeted, the seats (both front and rear) are hard plastic and the seatbelts are moulded in to them rather than made separately. The seats and seatbelts let the interior down to be honest.

The detail of the wheels and brakes is outstanding, virtually perfect. The 5-spoke AMG wheels are nicely detailed (and have the AMG logo on them). Even though the brake discs aren't made from metal, they certainly look like they are and the calipers are very highly detailed. The discs do rotate with the wheels while the calipers remain fixed. In fact the only fault/gripe is that while the tyres have accurate tread, they are not branded.


The engine is well replicated in the model. The banks of cylinders and the camshaft covers can easily be made out as well as the water box, the air intakes and the radiators. Although the engine detail is close to perfect, the same cannot be said about the interior. Although the differential and the driveshafts are well defined and the exhausts are separate from the chassis mould with realistic-looking tailpipes, the undercarriage detail is rather crude. The engine and gearbox are poorly simulated from underneath the model and the suspension detail is slightly lacking. However the undercarriage detail beats that of most budget model manufacturers.

No other manufacturer the road version of the CL55 AMG but Maisto do make the CL55 AMG F1 Safety Car but AUTOart make it to and unsurprisingly, AUTOart's is the best model. But fundamentally no-one else makes the road CL55 AMG.

This is a very high quality model and the standard CL55 AMG model is difficult to find and the CL55 AMG F1 Limited Edition even more so.

AUTOart made a good effort making the CL55 AMG in 1/18, only the seats let the model down in a serious manner. This is still a comparatively minor flaw when you consider what is good in the model and it is still a very good buy. The working sunroof is a really nice touch to an already great model. Collectors of Mercedes/luxury models will love this one.

Total Score - 44/50

Thanks to http://www.DX Rocks.com[/URL] for the use of their photos.

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I'm so picky about the tire branding that I would probably score it 4/6. But I just about agree in almost every point. Proof of the virtues of the new evaluation system!
Sadly I've been very busy with work this past week and will remain busy for the rest of the month. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post some reviews myself.

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I don't have a single late model "stock" typical road car in my collection! I do for older models...I've wanted to start my MB collection (I don't have a single one), and am glad you did this review! I'm glad AUTOart and Kyosho are making nice "stock" cars...Thanks!
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