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Ok, this is my first time posting a review.
It's been hard getting a good diecast model here in Indonesia, local stores get new shipments only every 3-4 months.

Ok, the BMW 635CSi has been one my favorite BMW models, and I've been waiting for quite some time to get hold on an 1/18 scale model of it.

Now that many are available, I thought, why not get a unique one, the Jagermeister car.
Paid equivalent to about 100 USD for mine, yes, it is pretty expensive down here.

The net connection is slow here, so I tried to squeeze in a few pics into one file, if you guys need a better picture of a particular part of the car, do let me know.

OK, here we go:

- The mesh type wheel makes it hard to see the brakes, so I won't really comment there, basic std Autoart brakes which is always good but since I can't comment on detail, I'll assume both at 8/10

Accuracy - 8
Detail - 8

- To be honest, the last time I saw an actual 635 was when I was in grade school, so can't quite recall there. You can quite see on the picture, it is quite detailed although the colors of the parts are not distinguishing enough to see every part of the engine.
The bottom view is actually pretty damn good, but I forgot to take a picture of it, it shows the exposed engine among, chrome exhaust tips among other things, I will take a pic soon.

Accuracy - 9
Detail - 8

- Well the car is awesome, not much else to say about it, I'm not quite sure of the accuracy, again I'd like to mention, I can't guarantee accuracy, but Autoart has certainly done a great job. An antenna is included, easy to attach. The lights, hoodpins and pretty much everything else is accurately replicated. Hinges are well hidden. Not much else to say here.

Accuracy - 9
Detail - 9

- Interior is well, basic race car interior. The roll cage is well made, well integrated.
Seats and belts are plastic, but they look realistic, I almost though the belts are fabric at first glance. The accuracy are ok, but then it is a race car so there are bound to be some button details missing which I should not be aware off anyways.

Accuracy - 8.5
Detail - 8.5

- Well its autoart millennium, and its jagermeister...so well I certainly have nothing to complaint here

Accuracy - 10
Detail - 10

- I can't really comment here since I don't have that many model cars with racing liveries, but I can say that these are as good as I've ever seen on any other diecast models. I'm not sure on accuracy as I've never seen pics of the real 635 Jager car.

Accuracy - 9?10??
Detail - 10

Wheels & Tires:
- Tires are racing slicks with the Dunlop logo applied very nicely. The mesh wheels are accurate and very detailed with very good finish. Overall no complaints here

Accuracy - 9.5
Detail - 9.5

- Very nicely done (again I apologize for forgetting to take the pic). From the exposed engine detail, wiring to the fuel tank in the trunk, exhaust pipes and their chrome exhaust tips. I would say only the gearbox could use a little more detail, it just looks plastic...but otherwise no complaints here as well.

Accuracy - 9
Detail - 8.5

So there goes the review, I would say overall I'm very happy with the purchase. Autoart's quality certainly improves constantly, I just hope their prices can stay affordable as this one is starting to push it. I hope you guys enjoy the review, like I mentioned if you need detail pics of a particular part, pls msg me and I'll try and get it posted.


Accuracy - 9
Detail - 9
Overall - 9

*According to the local store, for each shipment of the AUTOart 635csi, an AUTOart retailer only gets 2 of the Jagermeister ones.

Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 23-OCT-2005


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