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Here's the next review as I promised, guys. This one's for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI (RS version) by AUTOart.

The standard model (based on the RS) is available in white, silver and blue. The paint quality is typical of AUTOart - perfect application without and unpainted areas, rough edges or uneven areas.

The fit and finish of the model's exterior are very precise. All four doors open but the panel gaps are slightly too close because they chafe with the bodywork when opened and the paint can scrape off with time. The headlights are well simulated and the front indicators are slightly different in colour from the headlights (correct) and the side repeaters are separate pieces of orange plastic. The tail lights are well simulated as well and the brake light on the rear spoiler is a separate piece of transparent red plastic instead of a cheaper, less attractive stripe of red paint or a red decal sticker. The logos on the exterior are all tampo-painted. The front air intakes aren't perforated but colourless plastic with tampo-painted mesh effect simulates the effect very well. The vents on the hood however are all perforated and the two black vents are made from black plastic rather than just painted black. Some of the body parts are plastic but they can only be differentiated from the painted metal sections if you intentionally look for a difference.


The interior is reasonably good but slightly dated by AUTOart's more modern model interiors. The floor has the texture effect synonymous with many AUTOart models but the seats are hard plastic although they are correctly shaped and have the Recaro logo on the headrests on the front seats. Seatbelts are present too (they are separate for the front seats but moulded into the rear seats) but they are far less detailed than those in most AUTOart models (they look more like Maisto quality) but the seatbelt clips are present. The centre console is quite well replicated and the Momo steering wheel is nicely defined but even though pedals are present, they have minimal detail.


The OZ Racing wheels are very well simulated with very finely detailed wheel nuts. The brake discs have very fine grooves and the brake calipers have accurate shape and position and they have the Brembo logo on them. The discs rotate with the wheels while the calipers remain fixed. The only thing preventing a perfect score in this category is that the tyres are unbranded but the tread is accurate.


The hood needs a prop rod to hold it up but when it is kept up, you are welcomed by an extraordinarily detailed engine bay. The red cam cover is probably the most prominent feature of the engine bay. The labelling is correct and virtually all of the parts in the engine bay can be easily distinguished. The front suspension turrets are separately made with small black plastic discs and the intercooler is accurately reproduced as well.
The undercarriage is as equally detailed where much of the engine and gearbox can be seen from beneath the model. The two differentials are very detailed and the exhaust pipe and the driveshaft are separately made from the chassis which itself, has a high level of detail.

Only AUTOart makes the Lancer Evo VI so they have no competition.

The model's quality is very high and plenty were made but they are no longer made so they are likely to become more collectible in the future.

For a three-year-old model, AUTOart's rendition of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI is a very good one. Only the interior shows the model's age. This model is a must have for a rally car/performance car model collector.

Total Score - 43/50

Thanks to Project 1/18 for the use of their photos.

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castrol_supra_gt said:
Thanks guys. :cheers
About your comment, C7, I certainly hope that Guiloy's McLaren F1 didn't go on to your "to buy" list! :lol
Actually about a year ago I purchased one of those, got it home and nearly :puke :puke because of the quality. I raced back to the store and as they have a no refund, only exchange policy I picked up the AUTOart James Bond DB5 for the same price. Much better deal :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown
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