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Aa orange Diablo GTR

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I am in the process of reshooting my entire collection, and therefore...

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Very nice Jeff! :cheers
But tell me something, what do you think about the model?
My son loves this car! He's not around right now but I can already anticipate his reaction when I show him your pictures Jeff. He'll be just lleft speechless :tongue :tongue :tongue
For me, the model is a 'sleeper'... it's very well built, even for AUTOart standards, and there's lots of detail. Paint is even with no thin spots, and the interior has lots of detail bits (textured dash and seats, seatbelts/buckles, nice instruments and switches... The V12 is wired and plumbed and looks very good, if not great. Wheels and brakes are terrific.

However, it doesn't 'move' me like some other equally detailed models in my collection... :confused
I have the black version. I don't know, I was drooling after this car for some months, but when I finally got it, I was a tad disapointed. For me, those flimsy doors were a let down. :cry
amazing model and pics :tongue :tongue :tongue
Yeah... those doors are a bit wobbly... I didn't mind because I display the model closed up, and I rarely open it up...
Fantastic pictures Jeff! This is a beautiful model
Niether do I, but you know when you 1st get the model and try everything to see how it works? And it was a pain to photograph too, I had to do all sorts of contortions to hide the props keeping everything open.
This is one of those models that diesn't overwhelm you unitl you look at it :lol

I can't walk by mie without staring it up and down :tongue
nice model and excellent pics :cheers
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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