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Did AutoArt make two versions of the GT3? I have seen some listed as just the GT3, and others say the 2003 GT3. Is it the same car? Or did AUTOart make two different cars like the GT3R with the updated doors?

The 2003 version has :
-new head lights
- new wheels
- more power
- new rear wing
- new bumpers

BTW, it is not an upgraded version of the same car. It is two different generations of Porsche.

Further details...

For AUTOart :
the 1999 is only available in red or yellow
the 2003 is available in red, carrera white and grey
the white/blue or white/red GT3RS are based on the 2003 version

but these two lasts are also a bit different from the normal 2003 GT3 (paint scheme, rear wing, better interior,...)
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I'm not looking at mine now, so I can't verify.

I thought AUTOart listed this as a US Spec car. But then again that doesn't mean anything.
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