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Hey folks,

Does anyone know for about how much I can find Vipers #55 and #56?

I found two at a Dodge dealer last night for $35 each. Personally, I have never seen them before and thought they looked pretty cool. Any recommendations?

:cheers :cheers

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That is a superb price! I dont know which those two are excatly, but any AUTOart viper is an excellent model!

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I'd say go for it!
When I checked the Modelissimo site today I found this:


Also some other shops have these for low prices... :confused
I really want to get #52 but I'm outta money :cry :cry

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Hey guys!

Thanks so much for the input! Very much appreciated! :cheers :cheers

I just got back from the dealership and found out, to my dismay, that someone beat me on getting #56... The guy apparently took the last two they had! :cry :ranting

So now, there's one #55 which I told the guys to hold for me for another week (I am a wee bit broke right now :giggle).

I would have really liked to get the black Chamberlain car, though. Oh the regret! :help
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