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i saw before in the forum that there was a problem with the tires (i cant remember exactly) of the Kyosho csl m3,
i got an M3 CSL, and i think there is two main problems :
1- im getting problem when trying to close engine cover :confused
2- back right tire is a little out from the body ! :ranting

is these problems are common for all CLS's? and how can i fix this ?

As Alon said, Kyosho CSLs suffer from a wheel stance problem.

The bonnets/hoods on my Kyosho M3s are also a bit stiff. I try not to open the hood too far on mine; that way it does not jam in the 'up' position.


lol, the dreaded Kyosho CSL's

has there ever been one made w/o fualts?

about the right tyre, is it only the tyre sticking out? or the actual wheel too, if it's just the tyre, you should be able to push it back in place easily
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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