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? about Minichamps Carerra GT

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I just got this bad boy yesterday but I'm having a hard time putting the roof pieces on. Can someone who has this model help?
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There are two little pins on the front of each of the roof panels that fit into two holes in the windshield frame. On mine, the drivers side pins weren't lined up and it wouldn't fit until I gently adjusted them. To fit the panels, you have to insert the front pins first and then push down gently on the rear of the panel to seat it. If the pins in front are slightly bent, the panel won't go in. You have to gently fiddle with the pin(s) to get them straight so they will insert properly. I stress being gentle because the pins can easily break off. Also, the distance between the windshield frame and rear roof frame wasn't consistent between drivers side and passenger side (driver side was tighter) so I had to insert the driver side panel first and then the passenger side.
Thanks Vegas, that's exactly the problem I'm having is that none of the pins are aligned.
no, only $164€GBP :cool

how do you guys open the engine booth ?? for the front you have to push something, but for the back ??
for the back i hope you have a long finger nail :giggle :giggle

still love thiss model though

my roof has no such problems as mentioned above
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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