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Does anyone have the car lift made by GMP (I think). If so, is the detailing good on it? I have many of the tools, compressors, etc and love them. I am interested in buying the lift, any help is welcome.
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I have an extra one, still in the box with the reciept. If your interested pm me.
Has anyone purchased any other accessories? I have 2 1:18 trailers and a few tools. I have a black Silverado truck pulling a black Corvette on one trailer, and on the other I have a ML55 pulling a CLK GTR. Looks great! I have a few tools such as tool cabinets, jacks, creepers, compressor, and other misc tools.
I have these:

Garage Accessory GMP 9011 Buick version 1/2500
Garage lift GMP 9013
Gas Pump Eagle (2st) Yat Ming 98611/2
Home mechanic Ertl 32173
Tire set Vintage SprintGMP 9001
Tire set Muscle Car GMP 9006 + Rim set w/slicks
Tire set Can Am GMP 9009
Tire set Pontiac GMP 9017
Trailer flat deck 4 wheel,GMP 2605r Nostalgic Corvette red 1/3000
Trailer flat deck 4 wheel,GMP 2605y Team Corvette yellow 1/3000
Trailer flat deck 4 wheel,GMP 2606gg Team Shelby dark green 1/100
Trailer flat deck 4 wheel,GMP 2606rg Team Shelby red 1/100
Service Station Ertl 32172
Shop Tool Set GMP 9012

The GMP stuff is realy nice :mrgreen:

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wow! you have pics of them? do you use them or display cars on them?
I have them still in boxes, but my intention is to display them with cars or try to build dioramas.

I can take some snapshots and email if you want.

HI F1 I am on the look out for any 1/18 diorama accessories i have everything GMP dose and its Great they have a good eye for detail but it is a hard scale to fine things for i have also made a lot of things my self and use other 1/18 kits if i can find them have a look at the atttached web page he has a lot of kits but you have to build and paint them your self i have also custom built a lot of stuff as well

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