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If you have one, or several, of these, you know that they have decent detail. Both the nose and rear engine cover are removable, only non-opening feature is the doors. Underneath, pretty decent detail, as well, lots of wire, hoses, etc. My biggest disappointment was the rear axle shafts, or more likely, the lack, thereof:

Picked up some GMP Lola rear halfshafts from a buddy of mine, and lo and behold:

If I could find someone who would make resin versions, I'd buy at least six sets, and with the ease of installation (pull off one rear wheel, slide the metal axle out of the transaxle, insert one halfshaft, push the metal axle back in, insert the other half shaft, push other wheel on, done), I bet they would sell like hotcakes.

Got any takers on making up a bunch of rear halfshafts? Didn't have to change a thing, the GMP Lola parts are a slip on fit.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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