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Action NASCAR - what are they all??

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Been browsing eBay and wonder about some versions of the 1/24 Action cars that I am seeing.
Some are described as 'clear window cars'
Some mention 'Elite' versions.
What do these mean?
What is colorchrome paint too?

Also as a general NASCAR question, do the cars stay the same for all races or do the liveries and sponsors change by race?

Here in the UK NASCAR is little known and what I have watched recently just confused me even more about the race format - they seem to have several races within a race?

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I picked up an Elite edition 2002 Jeremy Mayfield Dodge Intrepid R/T yesterday, and there are a few more little details to be seen over the normal editions..stuff like the engine being fully plumbed and wired, and the hood and trunk having metal hinges to hold them up,rather than dog leg hinges.
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