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Didn't "The Saint" drive one of these. :?
Was his name Simon something? Tempelton? :?
He did and he didn't! It was a white Volvo P1800 he drove, but it was the earlier coupe version without the glass hatchback added to the car in the 1970s (when it became the P1800ES). The reason the P1800 became the Saints car was because Jaguar declined to supply a free car to the show producers (they wanted him to drive an E-Type). Volvo got wind of this and decided if Jag didn't want free product placement then they did and they offered the producers the Volvo coupe!

The Saint (played by Roger Moore no less!) was named Simon Templar.
Thanks for the info Ronan :mrgreen: :jk:
At least I was kinda, sorta close :oops:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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