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Advice needed: Quality and value of HW F1 cars

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I thought I read somewhere that Hot Wheels's quality on the F1 cars has dropped over the years? Can someone provided me insight if that is true or not, based on Hot Wheels F1 cars that are in your collection?

I'm trying to decide whether getting one of the following McLarens. The choices are:
  • * 1998 D. Coulthard McLaren PMA ($50)
    * 2000 Mika McLaren Hot Wheels ($35)
    * 2003 Raikkonen 2003 McLaren Hot Wheels ($35)
I really prefer a Mika or Kimi car but want to get value for my money too.

Many thanks in advance!! :cheers :cheers
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Felix, I only have one Hot Wheels F1, so maybe I should not be endowed as having some knowledge about them, but the one I have was a great buy for the price (~US$ 15,00). It is basically a curbside model, but I think that for that price it's a very good model. I definitively would buy more if I ever find 'em. Unhappily the Ferrari cars are way more expensive.
Thanks LUW. I think I'm going for the Mika-mobile. He's the original Flying Finn after all. :cheers
The main difference I've seen quality-wise of the Hot Wheels cars is that over the last few years, with the addition of more wings and other aerodynamic aids on the actual F1 cars, that there are more and more plastic bits sneaking into the models. Essentially the only thing that is metal is the basic body of the car while everything else is plastic.
Thanks for your feedback Tim. A couple hours ago, I just placed an order for a Justin Wilson 2003 Jag (Minichamps/PMA) and the 2000 Mika McLaren (Hot Wheels). I've been ummin & awing over the Minichamps/PMA A. McNish Toyota too. Bah!! :tempted

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