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And another one:

Before (205 Turbo 16)

After (205 Turbo 16 Evo2), another Rallye, another Driver.....

Hope you like it........

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205 TURBO!!! :angel: :angel: :angel:
What brand is that? IXO??? It's awesome!

The Ford is great too! :sm:
Yes. it´s Ixo ! RAC 017 is the Code.

First Picture shows the Original (Winner Monte Carlo 1985, Driver Ari Vatanen).

Not the right for me, i´m collecting the Driver World Champions from every Year. So i bought 2 an modified them. The 1986 (Juha Kankkunnen) is in my first Posting, here is the one from 1985 (Driver Timo Salonen) :

Not so many Changes, just a few Decals.......

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Great pics , great models.
I wish AUTOart would bring out some of those Group B rallycars , 205 T16 , Delta S4 , RS200 and the Metro 6R4.....now those were the days.

I noticed that you have shown 2 Monte carlo cars from 1999 but with different advertising on them. I always thought Skid/Ixo had got it wrong by omitting the Martini sponsors decals from the car but it seems that they got it right after all......Here`s why ......
Monte carlo is a seperate principality to France and therefore has its own laws which carry over to tobacco / alcohol advertising and in Monte carlo , they are allowed to be advertised.
Although the actual competitive stages of the rally are held in France , the start/ finish ceremonies are held in monte carlo where the adverts are displayed . Before the cars cross the french border , they have the adverts removed and upon their return the ads are reapplied to maximise sponsors coverage .
In your pic , Colins car must be the start / finish line car and Jean Josephs must be a rally stage car .

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angelrott, your explanation sounds reasonable, i don´t know if it is so :?

But the Model from Colin i own, is not the normal Skid Model !
The Skid Model from the 1999 Monte Carlo Colin McRae (SKM99019) looks like the one from Jean-Joseph, no Martini-Decals:

The one I own, is a special promotional Model made for Team Ford Racing, here you can compare both:

There is another one from the Acropolis ´00. Normal Model (Skid SKW 00019) with Martini, promotional Model with Ford Racing:

Still searching for the one with the Ford Racing Logo..... :cry:
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