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I come out this morning to find my UT Maclaren F1 road car upside down on the floor, engine hatch broken off, doors broken off. Shelf dove right off the very top shelf of the computer desk! Was this as accident? NO my cat decided it was time to climb all the way to the very top shelf and reek a little havoc. The same shelf that houses my Kyosho countach's as well as my 308 QV. Now the Mac was bad enough, but if my Kyosho's go on the floor I'll be short one cat really soon. Anyone have any ideas how to keep cats from knocking models on the floor?
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allanmodel said:
Sorry to hear that...you can always send that "damaged" car to me :WTF
Hey that would be great then once you turn it into one of your awesome customs you'll send it back right? :danbanna

I'm thinking that maybe in the mean time before I get a new cabinet for my models I'll make little wheel chocks to block the tires. That will at least keep the cars from rolling. I have a huge block of clay that should do the trick just fine.
Pille said:
Oh no! :scared Thats what I'd call a CATastrophe... :giggle
Oh my it's getting corny in here! :lol
Thanks guys for all the suggestions anyone know where I can rent a big dog for an hour or so. Hell maybe they could pay me a feeding fee for the use of the cat! ;)

An update on the condition of the F1. She appears to be in guarded condition for now. The doors did go back on but the engine cover is a definite break. So Dr. Zap-A-Gap is going to pay a visit tomorrow to see what he can do to help hold the lid in place. OK Now I'm getting corny!
I started looking last night online. They aren't cheap for sure but I have two Exotos on the way and I will skin that cat alive if she sends one of them diving to the floor. Does anyone have a good suggestion on brands where to but etc.? I say the IKEA book case. That would be me for now and It's not too awful expensive.
Hee Hee. I just put the cars in a case today. She went straight to it trying to see what it was. I don't think so kitty!
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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