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I come out this morning to find my UT Maclaren F1 road car upside down on the floor, engine hatch broken off, doors broken off. Shelf dove right off the very top shelf of the computer desk! Was this as accident? NO my cat decided it was time to climb all the way to the very top shelf and reek a little havoc. The same shelf that houses my Kyosho countach's as well as my 308 QV. Now the Mac was bad enough, but if my Kyosho's go on the floor I'll be short one cat really soon. Anyone have any ideas how to keep cats from knocking models on the floor?
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Sorry to hear that. I had a problem like that but it was with my dog. He ate three tires off three different die cast of mind when he was a puppy. He was made at me when I left him all day. I wanted to kill him.
StygianMax said:
I feel your pain D.O.!!! That's just horrible. :crying :crying I hope you can repair the damage.

Dennis: I hope your dog has changed his diet from the time he was a pup!! a diet of diecast tires doesn't sound good for you nor the dog!! :scared
Yes he did change his diet. Now he just sleeps by them at looks at them.
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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