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The Alfa 75 isn’t a conventionally attractive car. But it has a certain panache to it that’s more pronounced when the car is lowered and sits on a decent set of rims; then on a looks spectrum, it can scale from sporty to menacing. I’ve had this 75 for a few years now and while happy with it, I never liked how it sat (too high) or the wheels (pretty dull).

Every now and then, Laudo sells wheel sets as separate accessories. The wheel set I wanted from the 164 Q4 sold out. However… Laudo recently launched a 155 Q4 and it recently made the 155’s wheel set available. The wheels are similar in style to the 164’s, so I thought ‘I’m ‘aving them!’

The 75 was easy to lower and the wheel swap was quite easy. However, I had to lose the front discs; the rear are less of an issue as they’re inboard anyway. Also, the 155 wheels only have four bolts, whereas the 75 has five. I can live with that I think. Sorry I didn’t do any before photos, but here’s how it came out of the box:

LAUDORACING LM087 Scale 1/18 | ALFA ROMEO 75 3.0 V6 1987 RED

I think it looks much better now :) Here are the new wheels.
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