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Alright...here's the F355 Spider...

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i know...i know... these rims can be found on any car now, but i thought they went best with the car because of the shape of the rims... i still wish i had smaller rims, and maybe i will switch em out to 1/24 DC rims, but this is what i have for now. let me know what you think. btw, why am i limited to how many pictures i can put on, when i see others with huge pictures on their threads? let me know what you fellas think...
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and another one... so this is how you put up multiple pics...sorry, the back got cut slightly off, but who cares!
they look great! Good work!
you are right tho, 1/24 ones would look even better! but this is very nice too :)
Good job!!! Those are the same rims that I put on my white 360 Spider. :cheers
thanks fellas, i'm glad you like what i tried... now i have some more cars to work on!!!
looks good! wheels look kinda huge for that car though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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