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An awesome site

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while this guys abilities are truly stunning and could never be replicated by myself(I know my limits :lol ), I thought some of you would also like the site, if not for the tips, but for the photography as well.

Enjoy. :cheers
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Thanks Mike for referring us to that site. I'll have to bookmark it. As I'm skimming through the guy's site, I find myself truly in awe at his talent, dedication & skill. Plus, the photography of his work-in-progress is really good! :nicejob :nicejob

I did a double-take when I saw the Bilstein and H&Rs in the middle of the Ferrari F1 page. I didn't think they used street equipment on F1 cars. :lol
his work is absolutely exceptional... I thought some of those were real cars.. not 1:24 scale models.
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