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Got this together with one of my last haul but had to wait for a replacement after the first had a flaw on one of the doors. The hood on this one stays up too, something the first one didn't manage to do. As some other members have shown with their pics, this is what all Autoarts, standard wise, should look like. Tampoed livery, opening parts with tight shutlines, perforated grills, detailed engine and interior etc etc...


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Congrats Leslie, and you are spot on. This is a cracking model - if every AUTOart racer came out at this level and with these features, I would be a very happy and very bankrupt man!! This was an impulse buy for me at a price I couldn't refuse, but I love it. It also started a little sub theme, so it has much to answer for!

Your pics just blow mine out of the water of course - superb :cheers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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