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Well just bought a 1967 ford mustang that ben p use to own you guys might remember it. Any ways its gone under the chop already feat. drivers racing seat, gear shifter. handbrake and quick shifter, nos tanks, sound system, gauges and i have done my 1st engine conversion i pulled out the 1967 ford mustang engine and put in a Au ford falcon supercar engine. At the moment it looks all good BUT that won't be the last of things i know i have said im doing customs and never get around to do them or never finish them but this will b started and finished. Me and ben was talking tonight heaps about this custom and this is what we have come up with.

Stage 1 - THE START

fill in holes and smooth the body out

Stage 2 - THE LOOX

Spray the exterior in def. blue (holden monaro def. blue)
Spray the interior in white and navy blue
Add monster tacho and shift light
Add Drivers racing seat
Add Entertainment system (subs, amps, tvs, dvd, ps2 e.t.c.)
Add some stickers on the back window (not sure if i will do this or not)
Chrome parts on the exterior and some on the interior
Add Wing (might add a small boot lip or even a little boot wing)
Fix up Wheels

Stage 3 - THE SPEED

Add NOS/N20 tanks
Fix up the engine
Add Bonnet Scoop (shacker bonnet scoop)
Add Bonnet Pins
Add Side pipes (mufflers coming out the side)

so this is what we have come up with i will add a pic of what she looks like atm since it left the hands of ben p it has not changed a bit but since i have had it in my hands i have added tv, subs, amps, nos, racing seat, racing steering wheel, gear shifter, handbrake and quick shifter, engine and monster tacho.

if anyone has any idea what i could use for chrome please let me know i want chrome as in polish looking chrome if i can't find anything like this i might just spray the parts i want chrome in silver any ways here is the pic b4 i got it just to jog some of your memorys
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1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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