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Another New Addition

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This wa given to be as a Birthday Present from my Girlfreing along with some other models, it really surprised me that she would get me some models for me since she think's this hobby is a waste of money, some people hey, just don't appreciate how good this hobby really is.

Pic's here for you, the 3 lad's will be here to look around it as well.

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Sid: Oh come on, it isn't that heavy.
Eddy: Thisn car isreally Tall, can someone give me a hand to get down.
Sid: I was right, YOU ARE A PLONKER

Sid: What is it, Oil leak?
Eddy: Not sure, it maybe water.
Sid: Well hurry it, this thing has to be ready for the next Rally-Raid.
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Congrats Mr Vercetti :cheers
Congrats MrV. Your gf really knows you well, isnt it? Good for you to have someone like her. :cheers
Looks like burago has upped the game with this model. I would sure like this one. I have not really seen a Paris Dakar model except for the Porsche 959 in 1:43 and the rare solido Pajero on some websites. This is a good start by a model maker. Hope they come out with some more of these desert raiders.

PS: Your 3 helpers seem to be having a gala time too. Make sure the Mercedes Evo cars do not have the keys in the ignition when you arent around.
That's a nice-looking Touareg :cheers Wouldn't mind having that one myself.

And yeah, keep an eye on the funky trio - they might sneak out for a test drive :giggle
Boy, that looks REALLY good! I think I better stop dishing out Bburago, specially since I'll have to get that one! :happy
Looks Great, fantastic pics too. Is it really a Bburago?
I still find that hard to belive, but its true.

Bburargo are starting to clean up there act and get in the right track.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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