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Hey guys.

Things have been kind of quiet lately in terms of builds. I have several projects in almost-ready-for-paint stage that I really don't care about any more.
I was spending zero time on mods over the past couple months, but made the trek over to Costco for the annual haul, and made sure to grab a 997 Carrera.

I had it pulled apart the day I got back home, and stripped the day after that.

Uh Ohhhh....

This will take some work to pull off, but I think the classic GT2 is key to the look.

A little PS work. More than likely not the final color. And definitely not this two-tone vibe goin' on either.

Horsing around. These aren't the wheels for this project. (they're for an NSX)

A tube and a half of SteelStik later, we have some RWB fenders.

Some initial filing.

A little more for some side skirts.

Need to pull up the sides a bit.

Kinda wingin' it on the front end here.

So, Not all that far along. figure I'd get the thread started, if anyone is interested in another one of these things.
Goal is to get it all done before the cold weather comes back.


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Watching on eagerly! I'm doing something similar to a 996, but I have not touched it in a while. Once the school holiday starts I'll be back on mine :D
1 - 20 of 88 Posts
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