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Another sad story :\ .....

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Well.. went to close the blinds across from my computer desk and while i was leaning over my polo shirts left sleeve caught the end of my AUTOart Orange Lambo GTR's wing and slung it tumbling to the ground :crying :crying . I picked it up right away as anyone here would! :giggle .. and inspected for damage.

The Damage!.. It broke of its right mirror and the rear wing! not to mention the engine cover door came off and the right side metal bit has snapped so i only have one swivel point when i open to have a look at the engine. No super glue here but may have to source some. Can re glue the wing and mirror no probs but fixing a busted metal hinge part is not gunna happen :\.. They never feel the same after an accident :\..
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That sucks!!!! :scared

Try emailing Autoart for a replacement engine cover. The rest of it can probally be super glued back into place. :cheers
Eric said:
That sucks!!!! :scared

Try emailing Autoart for a replacement engine cover. The rest of it can probally be super glued back into place. :cheers
Would you have the faintest as to what they may charge for a replacement engine cover? :confused
:scared :scared :scared
Hope you can get that repaired!!! :cheers
They don't sell parts, but they might be able to send it to you. Sometimes, they are pretty good about stuff like that.

It's not a guarantee that they will be able to replace it, but its worth a try. :cheers

Email them and tell them what happened and the part you need to replace.
sorry to hear about your misfortune, dude. . .

I agree about trying to e-mail AUTOart about your broken parts with a picture, they may reply
I just emailed them with the pic i put on here.. the waiting begins :\ fingers crossed!
sorry to hear that, i hope they reply to you
Bad luck D8! When it rains it pours it seems. Hope you get it looking good again! :cheers
Sorry to hear about the latest mishap .

Maybe its time you started thinking about a display case large enough for your collection.........better that than have any more wrecked cars .

Good luck with AUTOart customer services .
Ouch! Sorry to hear this. Do give AUTOart a try. They've been very accommodating and I'm sure they will do as much as possible to help. I'm very clumsy which is why I don't keep models around where I have to work or move around alot. These mini-disasters would be an everyday occurrence for me otherwise. I hope you get the GTR back in proper shape.

D8, that sucks! Sorry to hear about your accident.
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Thankyou for the support guys :cheers :cheers wonder how long before i hear something either a yay or nay...
Good luck, D8! :cheers
oh my....... poor lambo..... :(
hope it can be repaired
Sorry to hear that.
Hopefully AUTOart will come through for you.
Sorry to hear about this
You have my deepest sympathies

Looks like your collection has been taking a beating las of late, feel free to ship them to me and I'll provided them with some TLC :lol

Sorry to hear of this and hope all works out for the best :cheers
Sorry to see that poor Lambo :ranting If you decide to get a new lambo send this to me and I'll take good care of it :giggle
I always liked the black wheels on that Lambo, the wing could be used for a custom too. Look on the bright side! If you can't fix it, it will make a decent parts car and you can always get a new one since they're still being produced.
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