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Any feedback on the UT MB SLK AMG?

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Looking to get a blue one but I have never seen one of these before :confused
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Here is a link to some pics of my yellow one:

Yellow MB SLK230K

It is the same as the blue one in terms of detail as far as I'm aware, and I think this was one of UTs better models (it has decent brake detail and a nice interior, plus a working hard top). I think the blue one would make a nice addition Jeff! :cheers
Hi max,
The UT slk amg is an excellent model with a very fine working hardtop. The seats and dashboard are two toned matching the exterior color of the car.The floor and boot are carpeted.The engine looks very nicely detailed. I like everything abt this model and consider it to be one of the best UT made. (I dont think there is a bad ut model. :confused )
The only drawbacks are the brake discs which look silly pieces of plastic and the usual UT woe : melting wheels. For some reason, the plastic of the wheels is sticky to touch. This is common to my c amg medical car too.
Get it as soon as possible Max. This is one model you are gonna enjoy.
I have it in yellow and blue. An excellent and rather rare model. I wonder if it will ever be produced again. Melting wheels is a problem for both of mine, but I've been able to control it to some extent (repaint).

When this car was released by UT it created some controversy. Maisto had the exclusive license for it from Mercedes-Benz. So UT went to AMG and got the licence from them for the AMG version of the SLK. This upset Mercedes so much that they decided to buy AMG (just kidding!!, but the controversy is true) This happened when AMG was still a separate company. This model is no longer in production and needless to say, it is much better than the Maisto (even the face-lifted 320 SLK).

Here is a link to my yellow SLK:
:iagree The folding roof is worth the price just by itself. The front headlights could have been better but it's an old model and not very costly so it's forgiven. Overall a very desirable model. I have a yellow one. Blue, red and silver being the other colors UT made. The blue one has two-tone interior blue/light cream. Very nice. Here's a picture of it in the 1999 UT catalog.
Awesome UT catalog!! I didnt know they made them :drool
Here is a little project to demonstrate the folding top. Plz excuse the bad lighting.
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Thanks to you all! :cheers :cheers
Excellent feedback everyone :nicejob
Truth be told, I probably was going to get it anyway, but now I am very excited about it :danbanna

Very cool pic winstoncds! :nicejob :cheers
CollectorX said:
Awesome UT catalog!! I didnt know they made them :drool
Yes, it's a 50-page catalog. If enough people want to see it, I can take pics of the pages and post them in a new thread. It doesn't cover the latest UTs but most of them are in there.
TMD96 said:
CollectorX said:
Awesome UT catalog!! I didnt know they made them :drool
If enough people want to see it, I can take pics of the pages and post them in a new thread.
I do, I do! :drool :drool
I'd like to see it as well please!

Also, can anyone tell me how to properly raise the roof into the closed position? I've just bought a silver UT SLK and can't figure out how to fold in the parcel shelf bit when you raise the roof :confused . Consequently the roof ends up a few millimetres short of the A-pillar before it can click into place. I don't want to mess about with it too much for fear of snapping something!! :lol
Niki the folding roof is a tricky affair. I am assuming u have folded down the two corners of the parcel shelf as well as the parcel shelf. Hold the roof vertical, and ever so gently slowly bring it down and forward. Hold the parcel shelf down with a finger. The lower edge of the glass and the end of the parcel shelf should coincide. Slowly press down the back of the roof and the thing should lock itself into the windshield. Hope this helps you.
:cheers Thanks for the tip winstoncds - I'll try it out when I get back home.
Ronan said:
LUW said:
Me three!!! :lol :cheers
Me four :danbanna
MP, you've picked a very :cool1 car top pursue! :drool The blue and 2-tone seats are BA! :danbanna
BTW, does the top on blue one open? :confused :feedback
Hey Niki, i m just trying to give back a little of so much of the good help i find here. :)

SF, i think all of the UT slks came with the folding tops. Only maisto has slks with and without the feature. Dont even think of getting the maisto slk. Its a very poor country cousin when u compare it to the slick UT.

Picture of the ut slks from exoticar catalogue.
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Thanks for the scoop, Winstoncds! :cheers
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