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Anyone have contacts with any diecast brands?

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Hi everyone,

Hope some of you will be able to help me out.

I am asking this on behalf of my nephew who's doing a high school project related to diecast models.

Does anyone have any contacts at any of the diecast brands "anywhere" around the world? Brands can be anything from Exoto, Autoart, Corgi, Tonkin etc....

I see in one of the threads we have a contact with Biante, but does anyone have other contacts?

Thanks a lot and any help would be appreciated!

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Autoart is pretty good about responding to e-mails, but I don't know what you are wanting to have them do. You could try contacting them through their website. Exoto's customer service is so-so.
A lot of information could be attained searching on the net.

As MED had mentioned, AUTOart seems to be very good with responding to requests.

What kind of info does your nephew need exactly? Is he looking for info such as the process of making/producing diecasts? If so, I believe we have a write-up about it here on DX.
He's working on a project about the process companies go through to engineer and produce diecast cars. He's seen some companies that produce their own products, but there's others that also subcontract everything. Its one of those "business" course projects and he needs direct contacts for credibile quotes.

My nephew is basically looking for people in operations and production/engineering.

This actually comes to another question for everyone,
- which companies actually have their own factory to make the diecast cars and trucks?
- which companies subcontract the manufacturing of their diecast cars and trucks?

Thanks a lot guys & really appreciate this!

Richard from Biante posted a nice long write up on the process, you can find that topic pinned in the Industry News Forum

Off the top of my head, Exoto is the only company with their own manufacturing facility. There are a few more US Based companies with their own facilities, but their not the mainstream diecast themes.

All companies subcontract manufacturers to produce their cars.


Are you refering to sublicensing. If so, theres more than a few companies who sublicense their products. shouldn't be too hard to find.

Is your nephew a collector as well?
Maisto's contacts allow you to reach people in specific areas. They have been good in responding to me.
My nephew is beginning to collect, so this is actually a good exercise for him to understand the business of his hobby.

Diecast X, what do you exactly mean by sublicencing?

Med, when you refer to Maisto, are their contacts at their website?

Thanks guys, you've been a great help!

I think the more input / info I can get will help my nephew.
I guess I didn't/don't understand your question about subcontracting...

I wasn't sure if your referring to sublicenses or subcontracting (contracting) to produce a model.
Here is the Maisto link. I would send a copy to every department and someone should be able to direct you to the right person. I have always gotten a response by e-mail, so hopefully your nephew would, too.
GMP has info on their site. Try www.gmpdiecast.com and click on the Building A GMP link. It's probably everything you want to know and it's a few pages long. Let me/us know how it works out for your nephew. Also if their are any specific questions feel free to ask.

This might be useful for you:


Wondering how the project research turned out.
Thanks for posting that link Kelvin.
So far his research has been going well.

Not too many companies have replied, but have gotten through to a few.
Munchen at Diecast central - He works for BMW AG , I think he is responsible for miniatures division.
I believe CMC owns their own facility also...or more like a German/China joint venture. I have emailed them several times, and I have always gotten a reply from them, typically next day because of time zones.

Their website is http://www.cmc-modelcars.de/

Their email is [email protected]

Good Luck! Their a great company I think.

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