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Anyone with pics of Le Mans Tuscan TVRs?

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I thought someone posted photos of their 1:43 diecast (or was it a slotcar??) I'm having a "Tuscan mood". :giggle :tempted

Heeeeeeelp please. Thanks in advance.
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Gosh that car looks great!!! I didnt even know it was made. Now your getting me hooked on these models!! :tempted
We NEED these in 1:18 - somebody (except Hot Wheels) please listen!
The wonders of 1/43 :tempted
This would be a great car for Koyosho or Auto Art to make in 1:18th.

I know I would be one to buy it.....
Very nice!!! Okay, I'm getting it for 2005.

:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo
here's a 2004 Felix :tempted


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That's a cool photo Dirk! Thanks for posting that. While I watched the 2004 Le Mans on TV, I don't remember too much coverage of the TVR. For that matter, there wasn't all that much coverage of other cars in the GT class like the Porsches.

Did you take that photo yourself? If so, could you please tell me what sort of camera equipment you used (camera body, lens, shutter speed, etc.) I am looking at getting a Canon digital Rebel sometime this year and want to get an analog lens (vs. digital camera lens). I still need to learn something about what sort of lens I should buy. I am hoping that a 300mm lens will do the job for me. The purpose for the camera is to use it at a local race track for an American Le Mans Series race that takes place every August.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer Dirk! :cheers

you KNOW that i took that myself, altough not at Le Mans, this one was taken at Spa Francorchamps during the last round of the LMES 1000km races

now i'm using a Nikon D100, but apperently they are going to bring out a new version of the D2H => D2S or something, or i'm hoping a D3H and that one i will get then (around €5000-€7000 most likelly)
because my camera does rock, i still want more & better :cool
and about lenses, now you are entereing the danger zone.
i'm still using cheap lenses (in between €500-€2000)wich still do the trick, but at some point i will buy Nikon lenses (they start over €1000)
and yes all of them are analog lenses. all that you have to do is keep in mind the conversion, multiply with 1.6, so a 300mm lens becomes a 480mm

oh, the shutter speed that i use depends on that moment on what kind of shot i'm taking, light & diafragma (i believe it's appedure in english)
this tvr was taken at around 1/100 judging by the pic and also note that the track is wet so the light conditions where not that good
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(Ooops...I should have looked at your weblink by your signature :eek:ops )

That IS an awesome photo you took Dirk! It looks so professional!!
The red/white barrier in the background is a great background for the TVR.

Thanks also for the technical information on your camera and lenses. Since I would only be photography races infrequently, I don't want to spend too much money on the lens. I hope to buy a used lens for a good price.
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here's another memory reminder
:cool :giggle :wink

and well, if it's only occasionaly that you would photograph races then a standard 70-200 or 70-300 would defenitly do the trick for you
besides i assume that you would be on auto mode then, with good weather the new camera's are so smart that you can't really get such a panning shot like i did on the TVR.
that's why i work fully manual, it's more fun and you can play more in my opinion
Every now and then, I DO need a memory reminder! :lol :lol Yes, I do remember those superb Le Mans Classic photos. Do you have a link to other 2004 race photos? I looked in http://www.ferrariphoto.net/events/ and the newest event photos were from 2003.

BTW, I had another chat with my wife about going to the Le Mans eventhough the kids need to be pulled out from school 2.5 weeks early and she was reasonably receptive to it! :happy :happy The elementary school year in Canada ends between the 3rd and 4th weeks of June.

I love the effect of your panning shot where the background is blurred. That provides a real sense of speed and motion of the car itself. I plan to take many photos in manual mode versus auto to have more control over the way I compose the photos. Of course, it will be a long learning process with many trials and errors along the way, much in the same way I learned to photograph and illuminate diecast models.
well, i'm running SLIGHTLY behind with the 2004 gallery's :eek:ops
during the season i was about 3 out of 4 weekends away to events, so last month i planned to get a lot of 2004 gallery's up in december :ranting :lol

so you are talking about the 24 Hours of Le Mans then
since Le Mans Classic is only every 2 years, so the next one is 2006 and it's in July

and trust me, not all shots look good in panning, depending on the angle, background, lighting, subject of that moment,.... some just look better taken with a higher shutter speed
It might be in two years from now. Once my children are a little older, they'll enjoy travelling (& remember things) that much better. Plus I have to save up money for the trip. Eating good French food is a little weakness my wife & I will have. :giggle
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