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This week end I saw this

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Very nice collection of art cars 1/18 and 1/24 even if the Calder and the Stella were missing.

I really like the Chia E36 GTR and the Nelson E30 DTM.

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The Wahrol M1 is also nice

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I was surprised by how good the LMR looks like.

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I know that I am a P-nut, but if one day I really have money and all the Porsches I want, I will surely get one of these... maybe the Chia or the Nelson or the Calder...

By the way, I found this « collection » in the entrance hall of this
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Which is near this building in Munich... It was my trip of the week-end...

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First I was afraid not to get in this museum because it was closed when I came at 10am. But some people said : « come at 7pm, there is a party. ».. I said « why not ! ».
So I came back at 7pm and I discovered that the party was the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the BMW 3 series (and also the 25th of the GS motorbike) !!! :danbana :danbana

That was really cool (even though rain was also invited...). There were film projections (I got stuck on the M3 GTR's one...) and the museum was full of 3 series of all generations (and motorbikes). There was a dinner with beer and everything. People could also win a ride in a 3 serie BMW. I won a ride in a E30 and E46 but unfortunately I was unable to do it as I had a train to catch to come back home :ranting !

But I was really glad !!! This was an awesome surprise.
And another surprise was to see this
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:tongue :tongue it has made me want this model... but after some minutes and ten pictures, I remembered I am still a P-nut and not a B-nut... even though I like this brand...

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Little detail : the official BMW Museum is closed till 2007 for renovation (it is the round grey tower at the foot of the « four cylinder » headquarters on the picture above). The one I saw is also official but a lot smaller. It is just for replacement till the end of the renovation of the big one. So if you plan to go there, wait at least 2 years if you want to see the whole collection.

I hope you liked my "report" of the week-end !!

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Well I am a P nut..... but I am certainly moving towards a B nut :giggle

Awesome shots Thomas, those artistic models are a real beauty... (well ok, not all)

:tempted :tempted :tempted

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Is that an E34 535i I spy in the first photo ?.

Any chance of a close up picture of that please ?

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I have to warn you, it is 1/24, not 1/18.
I will see if I can have bigger pics. I have no close up of this one but I can zoom on this pic. You will see tomorrow

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Those are beautiful car you have there! I am just as big of a BMW nut as you are. I have a model of every type of BMW car made. I have a preference for the M3's though!!
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