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Arrived this week end...

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(Clickable pictures, >100kb ahead!)

Citroën Elysée

Not as good other Citroen here, probably due to earlier release :) Only front doors can be opened, and the front lights are not so great.

Citroën Picasso

Excellent quality here, everything feels solid. I was quite surprised by the folding back seat ;)

Citroën Xsara

Good finish, a bit below the Picasso but still a great model :)

Ford Mustang '04 GT 40th Anniversary [AUTOart]

Someone tell me why there is a Bullit sticker on the trunk :giggle

Ford Escort WRC Evo Street [UT Models]

Got it quite cheap :) I was looking for this model for awhile, but always stumbled upon ridiculously high prices on ebay.

Mazda RX8 [AUTOart]

Well, another good offering from AUTOart ;)

Porsche 904 GTS [Minichamps]

The car looks quite flimsy but actually has a good finish. The mecanism to open the rear hood is quite cool, but looks a bit fragile :/

Porsche 910 [Motorbox]

I feel it's not as good as the XJ13, but got a good opportunity to grab it so voilà ;)

Renault Spider [Anson]

Budget car, but i love it :)

Sauber Mercedes C9 Présentation [Exoto]

3rd C9 ;) the rear hood doesn't fit correctly :( I'm happy there are actually quite some differences with my other C9 :)
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Sounds very expensive Redleaf - you've got youself some nice models.


Actually you can call this a "bargain haul" ;)
I got good prices for everything, the most expensive being the C9 at 99€:)
very nice cars, I love the Sauber! :cheers
Wahou !!
Impressive haul redleaf !! :cheers
I like this Renault Spider too. The windscreen version is also good but Í don't if it exists in 1/18...
You got yourself some great models, Redleaf. The Porsches are beautiful!
Congrats on the new additions :cheers

I like the Mustang GT, I have the same one :tongue
Congratulations Redleaf,quite a haul you had, certainly got the Merc for a good price. :nicejob
that #61 is on my to list :cheers
Great haul. I like the Sauber... :nicejob
:cheers CONGRATS :cheers GREAT CARS :cheers :danbana :happy :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
Nice haul Redleaf :cheers

Still need to get me one of those 910`s
Great haul :woohoo , very nice additions :cheers
FYI, a french ebayer seems to have a lot of them... I bought 2 from him (one for a friend) and he relisted one immediately after. There is still one at the same price... You might want to get in touch with him for the shipping fee. His name is form30 :)


He also has a couple of GT40 mkII Suzuka Sun listed at the same price :)
Looks like you had a great weekend! :giggle :giggle
Congrats! :cheers
They all look great, you made some great choices there.

The C9 is my favorite, but i do have a soft-spot for that Anson Renault Spider
Great stuff, Congrats :cheers

I had never seem that 910 before in standox, looks pretty cool :nicejob
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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