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Hi everybody :cheers

let me first say that Photoshop isn't just a bunch of unknown words and a weird buttons. in fact, Photoshop isn't as hard as it looks.
Believe me, after you get to know the basics (tutorials can be found ANYWHERE on the net), the Photo is becoming a hobby.

Felix suggest me to make a tutorial how to make stuff like this:
but i didn't save the project file (PSD), because i used it only as a hue
example. First lesson of Photoshop: save everything you do as a PSD file. you can never know when you'll need it in future.
But the Toyota image wasn't so difficult to do, so there's shouldn't be any problem making a new one.

to make an artistic example of your pics, lets first save the image we want to edit.
i took this splendid image of Felix's Autoart's Toyota.
Open Photoshop (im using Photoshop 9 CS2), go to FILE => OPEN => than load your pic wherever you saved it.
now what i did is a play of layers. many people tend to mixed up with layers while it really is so difficult to understand.
take a look at the following:
now as you can see the most upper layer is the red layer, the white layer is in the middle, and the back layer is blue colored. this is about what the edition i made of Felix's pic is about - the upper layer is the rip of the Toyota, the middle one is Toyota logo (which i'll explain how to do next after a couple of things), and back in behind there's the orginal pic of the Toyota TS020 GT1 with a little addition of red hue.
Ok, we've already loaded the original pic. as i said, let's add some hue.
how to do so? very simple - IMAGE => ADJUSTMENTS => HUE/SATURATION. or in short, Ctrl + U (Photoshop wordplay :confused ). any way, to add the red hue, type the following:
make sure the 'COLORIZE' option is selected (not automatically, only is selected manual by you). that all we have to do with the back layer.
now, we're gonna open again the orginal pic in order to rip the car out of it, for paste it exactly on the hued car we've done earlier, and in order to get Toyota logo behaids it. what's good about Felix's pics' is that they've got colored reflection under the model, which is giving really nice effect in the final product.
OK, we realizes what we have to do, now how to make it.
let me first say, that ripping something from an orginal image, is T-H-E most frustrating step in everything. it's got to be perfect, or really near to it. :pullhair
now, without anymore whining let's rip :danbana -
how to do so? first choose the 'Polygonal Lasso tool', which can be found at the toolbox, next floor from above, left room. it's looks like this: .
if you can't see it, click right-mouse button at the room i meantioned before, and choose the middle button which is called 'Polygonal Lasso tool'. surprise surprise.
after we select it, CTRL plus '+' to zoom in for greater ripping accuracy. choose where to start encircle the car with the poligonal lasso-

and when done, copy it (Ctrl+C), go to FILE=>NEW=>(ok) and paste your rip in a new Sheet of paper. specificly here, we can see a black space captured under the car's tail. in order to remove it, use the 'poligonal lasso' again to select the black space, and when done press 'DELETE' button.
that's it. we've got our's rip :eek:k
but let's leave it for a while, because it's the upper layer. we need the middle layer, which is a Toyota logo.
type 'Toyota logo' at google images, and find a good one. the color of the logo is not important! as long as the logo's color is homogenous, it's ok.
i used this one for the case.
save it, and load it at Photoshop. well for now it's red (?), ugly, and not suitable for our's work. to edit it, let's rip it.
don't be scared, it's not hard as ripping a car.
first, Ctrl+A to copy all the image so we can rip it ad edit it next. open a new Sheet, and paste it there. now that we have two tone image, we can use the 'Magnetic Lasso tool' which can be found at the same floor & room as the Polygonal.
delete all the white spaces of it, and we're ready for editing it.
let's make somthing preety, let's make it silver and 3D :happy
i can't explain how to do it better than this tutorial, which i used at first place.
(in a little difference. i chosed the 'Smooth' technique at the 'Bevel & Emboss' insted of 'Chisel Hard')
bla bla bla. yada yada yada, we've got ourselves the three layers we needed -
the orginal hued Felix's pic (back), the Toyota logo (middle), and the TS020 rip (front).
i think the logo is a little big for us. what we need to do is to resize it. how?
not a prob. go to IMAGE=>IMAGE SIZE=> and than type in the next values: width = 229 pixels, and height 150 pixels.
now press V button in order to choose the 'Move Tool' (toolbox building, first floor from above, right room) in order the drag the toyota logo to the orginal hued pic.
do the same with the TS020 rip, but place it exactly over the red hued orginal TS020.
now let's add some red outer glow (& bevel and emboss) to the toyota rip.
as you read at the 'silver making' tutorial i posted earlier, do the following-
"Go to the bottom of the Layers palette and click the Add a Layer Style-button, Choose Drop Shadow... from the menu, make your settings like this:"
(i forgot! very importent - make sure the TS020 rip is selected!)
outer glow - Color #fe6060, spread 4%, and size 57 px. - all the rest leave the same.
bevel and emboss - size 7 px - all the rest leave the same.

Let's save it as a PSD file, so we can edit it later if you wish. after all, you dont have to use the visual values i mentioned. the Photoshop is just a "play of taste" - color it, edit it, and use it as you wish.

save it again as a JPG file in order to make Bevel and Emboss for the whole image.
load, right-click at the layer (at the layer box), choose duplicate layer so we can edit it, on the layer copy choose Blending Options => Bevel & Emboss and type in what i used : Depth 61, size 10 px. all the rest leave as they are.
save it as JPG, and finally we've got what we wanted.


You know, all this tutorial is for a one way of making somthing artisctic of your image with photoshop. in the end all of this tutorial is a clear reflection of my taste.
get to know the photoshop better, and develop your taste of making artisctics pics.
just a play of taste :happy

Got any questions? even a stupid one? ask me, or either any of DX photoshop artists.

BTW, thank Felix.
Oron. :cheers

EDIT: I'm very sorry to edit your post, but please read this notice. Kindly keep picture dimensions within 640 x 480 pixels and with a maximum file size of not more than 60 KB. Thanks for your cooperation!

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That was an excellent tutorial, Oron :nicejob

You are quite right though, Photoshop is easier than it looks, just take extreme care in the early learning stages, save everything as a Layered PSD (you can flatten the image, when you are pleased with the end result) and also keep an eye on the 'history' window, (that's one of the best 'undos' ever created)

But above all else, PERSEVERE, after a short while you'll be surprised at what you are able to do.

Also think of us users who have to have a good working knowledge of at least 6 programmes (including, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Freehand, Pagemaker, Indesign etc) :giggle

Here are some of the many good tutorial sites




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Oron...you rock!!! :happy :happy :happy Thanks so much for putting that tutorial together. Don't be surprised if I have a "dumb question" or two for you at some point in time. :lol :lol I really learn best with illustrations of toolboxes in front of me. Your tutorial will be appreciated by lots of members I am sure.

I have to head off to an office meeting in a few minutes but I will link this tutorial later.

Once again, this is REALLY great work Oron. :cheers

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Glad you like it.
hopefuly this tutorial will serve you for the best.

** for the one whose edited my post, i used thumbnails. if you think it's OK now, please remove the notice. thanks in advance.


Thanks for posting the outstanding tutorial. :nicejob

I am familiar with PS, however, your tutorial was still informative to myself :cheers

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Thanks for your appreciation guys!
Darrick, you are most welcomed to call me Oron :cheers

it took me a quite long time since my mother language isn't English but hebrew.
i'm study English only 5 hours per a week at my high school.
so it was kinda difficult. i frequently found mistakes so i edited the tutorial many times. i even found that some word was censored. why? apparently i wrote the word 'sheet' with an 'I' instead of two E's :lol

Eddie, it isn't say anything. just like in life, everybody masters a certain realm, but it always good to improve knowledge at other realms.
that's exactly like in Photoshop.
everybody develop theri's style while practicing, but learning other techniques while watching others.
i have to admit, that your Steve McQueen is relly impressive. i can wish to get to that level of making banners.

thanks all for posting, i really appreciate it.
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