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ASK: How much for a 1/18 HWE F50?

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A local seller here got a 1/18 HWE F50, used condition with missing Ferrari lettering on the engine cover, for around 117 USD. Is this a good price? How much desirable is this car today? I'm thinking with so many new releases of Bburago and Maisto today, does the HWE F50 price drops?

EDIT: price including shipping.
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I would not take it, the missing badge alone is enough to put me off and I just don't think that it's a good model in the first place. Mattel could almost never get the wheels and the stance on their models right, the F50 doesn't have it quite as bad as some of the more blatantly wrong ones (288 GTO, F430, etc) but if you look especially around the back wheels, the tires are too thin and there is way too much empty space in the wheel arches. It looks like the whole model sits too high. For me, no amount of fine detailing can make up for those kinds of fundamental problems, and that's why I've never wanted so many of the Elites, unless I find one for a very good deal.

Saying that it's the best F50 available really only highlights how bad the current options are.

LookSmart has their F50 announced as coming out in Q3 2017, so it could be out any time now, they don't really follow a schedule with their releases. I don't think that it's a bad car to have in resin, especially if they leave the top off. I am expecting that it will be significantly better than the Elite.
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