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Some requested pics of Minichamps new DB9`s .
Hope they help you decide if its wirth buying or not .

The cars are very nice , with great paintwork(the green volante is stunning ) and very good panel gaps .
Engine detail is not bad , but much less than the standard Minichamps line , but I suppose this was to be expected for the price .
Wheels are nice and crisp , with decent brake detail which includes grooved discs and calipers . The discs rotate with the wheels .
Interior is on par with Beanstalk releases . I actually bought the 007 Vanquish too so I could compare them and the interiors are pretty much the same level of quality. No carpeting , just plastic floors , and the dash area could have been a bit better detailed , but its all there. The boot (trunk) is the same , devoid of carpet.

Overall I would say its well worth the money it cost (£20) and they are already available on Ebay for BIN prices of £16.99 . This is less than some Maisto and Burago releases , so I think Minichamps have got a sure fire hit on their hands with these models , despite the lower quality.

Heres a bit on the real car :cheers

What is it?

It's the replacement for the DB7. A decade has passed since that first baby Aston smoothed onto the scene, its XJS underpinnings forgotten in one sweep of its seductive curves. The DB9 not only emulates (or dare we say, imitates) its predecessor's beauty, but is considerably more advanced under the skin.

When's it due?

The first transporters will unload in February, and there will be a Volante (convertible) version arriving some time in the autumn.

What are the engines and transmissions?

No diesel option I'm afraid - just a 5,935cc, 420lb ft, 450bhp V12 to hoist you along. It's a front-mid-mounted engine, which ensures optimum weight distribution for well-balanced handling. Unlike with the Vanquish, Aston is offering a choice of gearboxes with the DB9. You can have the familiar six-speed paddle shift change, but there's also a six-speed manual option - a relief for buyers who were unconvinced by the Vanquish's fingertip transmission.

How fast does it go?

Fast enough. Aston Martin claims 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds for the manual and 4.9 seconds for the paddle shift. Top whack is 186 mph.

What does it cost?

Prices haven't been officially announced yet, but the buzz is that the coupe will carry a £100,000 sticker. Add at least £10,000 for the Volante.

Any special features?

Endearing though the DB7 was, it was never the sharpest mover in the supercar crowd. The DB9, though, is built on an all-new platform and offers twice the rigidity of the old model. The VH platform has been developed over the past four years (using Ford's money, of course) since new CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez arrived at the company.

The platform is exclusive to Aston Martin since Bez was unhappy at the idea of component-sharing with other Ford products. It is versatile enough to adapt for use in future Aston Martin models, and following the V8 Vantage Coupe concept, the DB9 is first production car to use the platform.

The DB9 features a bonded aluminium frame, onto which the body panels and everything else is bolted (remember the Rover P6?). Therefore, because the bodywork isn't structural to the car it increases the possibility of styling tweaks, or even Zagato-type specials, being added to the DB9 range. The aluminium structure helps keep weight down to 1.7 tonnes.

The DB9's bodywork (also aluminium) was predominantly the work of DB7 and Vanquish stylist Ian Callum, but since Callum moved sideways to Jaguar, tweaks have been made by his replacement at Aston, Henrik Fisker.

The DB9's structural strength is of great benefit to the Volante. Since Aston knew from the outset it would want a convertible DB9, the Volante was conceived as such from the start, rather than being simply a coupe DB9 with the roof cut off. This means it shouldn't suffer from that common convertible disease, scuttle shake - but safety is improved too. In the event of a roll-over, the cast aluminium windscreen surround can support twice the weight of the vehicle, and is assisted by two roll-over hoops that pop up from behind the rear seats.

That's right, rear seats: both the coupe and convertible are 2+2s. The interior is a soothing concoction of simple, flowing forms, reassuringly clothed in wood and leather. It has a more traditional feel than the Vanquish's cabin. All of which should help Aston shift their target number of 2,000 DB9s per year. Oh, and as if it wasn't glamorous enough already, a racing version of the DB9 is due before 2004 is out.

Who's going to buy it?

The DB7 was a much-loved car, and Aston Martin will be expecting many repeat sales once its replacement is spotted in showrooms. There are bound to be a few die-hards who rejected the Vanquish for its lack of a manual gearbox, but who'd jump at the chance of a stick-shift DB9. There will be well-heeled enthusiasts who've had a look at the competition - the Bentley Continental GT, the Ferrari 360, the 911 Turbo - and who decide that the DB9 has the best balance of abilities.

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Yup, I like the DB9 waaaaaaaaaay more than ther Vanquish! :giggle

:goodpost Gary! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

Looks like Minichamps did a great job on these two pieces. What are your thoughts?

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Gian : ,

For what they cost they are amazing .
They are much nicer than the Beanstalk Vanquish in fit and finish although interior / engine detail are similar .
I am very happy with them and they will look great alongside my AUTOart DB5 , Maisto DB7 and Beanstalk Vanquish .
If you get the chance of them , I would definately recommend buying them .
I personally think these (along with the other models in this line) will sell like Hotcakes .


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Thanks for the mini review Gary. I'll end up getting these, but I need to vent. Why did Minichamps pick these to do "nice, for the money" versions. If there are two modern cars I'd like to have in "AUTOart Millennium" quality versions these are it! :ranting

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It looks like they give very good value for the money. Like you said, the green paint looks great! Is the coupe available in green (and what other colors)?
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