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So with Aston Martin being one of my main themes, and the DB4 being perhaps the prettiest of them all, it was definitely time to add one to my collection. The three choices for the DB4 in 1:18 scale are the Spark resin, the long due composite Autoart GT, and this Cult resin. The Spark resin never convinced me when it was still available, so I had planned to wait for the composite Autoart instead. But, the first look pictures of the Autoart put me off, especially at over $200. And while I love Autoart's newer Astons, their DB5 has looked more and more awkward and inaccurate to me next to Cult's DB5 Convertible and DB6. So when I saw that Cult has also made the DB4 in a couple of very appealing colors, the choice became obvious.

Very happy with my choice, as you guys can see, it's quite the looker 馃槃 The shape looks very close to the 1:1, nicely "3 dimensional" looking wire wheels, even the little license plate and GB sticker add a lot of character to it. I still might add the Autoart GT if it ever comes out since the 1:1s are different, but I can't expect it to look as good as this. I find these Cult Astons, even though they're sealed resin, to be some of the finest 1:18 scale Astons ever made.

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