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Engine: 6.0L V12
Power: 420bhp
Torque: 540Nm
0-60mph: 5.0 Seconds
Max Speed: 165 mph

The 4th Aston Martin to wear the Zagato name. With more power and less weight, this beauty is quicker than the original. Better front and rear suspension also mean it handles better. The unique Zagato styling won't be to everyone's taste but no one can deny it makes for a striking car. I believe production was limited to 99 so it'd be even better to have a nice 1:18 as its not likely anyone will see a 1:1.

This car is already made in 1:43 as most of you will know, I feel it deserves to be made in 1:18. Preferably by Autoart so long as it isn't sealed!




I thought I saw a picture of this car in 1:18 scale at the Toy Show - I looked for the picture, but couldn't find it.

Maybe it was a different model - I'll keep looking though.
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