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Hey, everybody!

Earlier this morning my 1:18 Aston Martin DBS by Racing Champions ERTL was delivered.



The first impressions are quite good as the model is pretty heavy but later inspections reveal a number of flaws so I'll summarise the good and the bad points (in my humble opinion) of the model.

+ Rich, complete paint application
+ Doors open like the real car - towards the door handle raises almost to roof height so the doors wouldn't touch the kerbs when opening.
+ Interior well finished for a model priced between Maisto/HotWheels and AUTOart/Kyosho despite the later mentioned faults
+ Reasonably good undercarriage detail

- Despite the complete pain application and the quality of the paint, it still has orange peel
- Brake discs remain fixed in position i.e. do not rotate with wheels
- Wheels have a black plastic interior section behind the brakes
- Glovebox does not close
- Some QC issues with superglue vapour
- Dogleg door hinges
- Incomplete interior roof
- Tyre tread is inside out
- Engine bay is rather plasticky

Overall I'm pretty happy with the model and I'll be writing a full review later this week if not next week.

Please keep pictures below 60KB , Thanks

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Thanks for the report, Darren. I am very keen on adding this car.
I already have my 5 "Wishlist" cars for 207 and this one is on it.
Hopefully, the price will not be as high as it is now when I will be in the market for one.

Does it look like the paint will rub out?

I'm starting to like this model as well - not to high on the shutlines though :tempted

Thanks for sharing the impression with us.

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Congrats on receiving this one Darren.

Aston Martin are one of the most common makes in my admittedly limited collection, but this one just doesn't do it for me. Perhaps it's just that the model doesn't do it justice - I look forward to a full review, perhaps I need to see one in person.
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