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Aston Martin Vanquish

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Just testing out a new photo setup and camera. Opinions welcome.

Model is the BeanStalk James Bond Vanquish.

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Looks great! :cheers I really like that 'motion' shot! Did you do that one with the camera or the software? :coolpics
WOW, great photo :tongue :tongue :tongue
Those are great shots & I really like the details on that Vanquish. Who makes that model Daniel?

All I could think of with the last picture is "the airbrake flaps have been deployed!" :giggle
wow really great pic and model!
you did it by long exposure and thank talk the camera back ? or other thing?
The model is made by BeanStalk. It's my best 1/18 road car. Detail is great, and a snip at £22! You can read the buttons on the dash on the full size photo I took of the interior!

With the blur, I should really have closed the doors now I think about it! Oh well, it fills the frame abit more I guess!

you did it by long exposure and thank talk the camera back ? or other thing?
Yes. The camera was mounted on a tri-pod with the apature set at f32 I think. Ended up with a 3-4 second exposure, and I slowly zoomed the lens in on the subject while the shutter was open.
Terrific shots! Congratulations! :cheers
Superb pictures, and the model looks fantastic.
No. I don't own any carpeted models.
They all look really nice! Nice shots :cheers :cheers :cheers
:nicejob Gorgeous photography, Daniel. Nice model. Thanks for sharing. Let's see more.
Thanks for all the kind comments folks!

There will be more to come when my Knight Rider model is delivered. Can't wait for that - never been so excited about a diecast! :giggle

Will also be more pics as and when I get all the 2004 F1 cars I want. As for the Aston, there's not much else differnet to what I've posted here really.
Beautiful car Daniel. Well taken pics too. :cheers

Many thanks to DanielB for his kind cooperation in resizing all the pictures in this post to the ideal picture size of 640 x 480 pixels.
Images are now re-hosted after a slight problem with my photobucket account! :eek:ops
Superb photos Daniel,I love the green tinge of light inside the car on dashboard.
I also have that model and as you say ,its a real bargain at £22.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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