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ATTN: Need som QWIK help...

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ok, my plan to get import racer rims on some maistos got shot to hell. first off...they are too small; but gafotes info on turning the rubber around to give it more meat helped. secondly, THIS IS WHAT I NEED INFO ON THE MOST, the axles to the IR cars are short; how am i supposed to get these rims on anyways?

my main concern is this: i am getting some 1:24 DC trucks or cars (Whatever) and i need to know how to get these wheels on if the stock DC axles are too short to go thru into the chassis of the 1:18s? the axles i have for the wheels i got off ebay are too small in diameter... so what are some suggestions for me?

please, please... i need all the modding help i can get right now. i am just drilling holes thru the chassis so i really dont care if i can get steerability or not, but i dont know how the short ass axles will fit thru without making the wheels looked "Caved" in... do you guys get what i need???

thanks, john
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dont use the axle you got then.

do you have a satay stick, they fit perfectly to the rim or if not cut an angle at one end and slip it thru with alittle force.

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