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I wasn't very happy with the previous photos I took. My Photoshopping of them wasn't too hot either. Anyway, here are two new pictures I thought turned out pretty nicely. The lighting seemed to work out nicely with natural sunlight from a nearby window.

The model is made by Minichamps in 1:43. I was lucky to find it on eBay when i did because these don't seem to show up too often.

(click on image for 800x600 views)


Felix, awesome pix! But with that pic I now see what the flaw was with the 1:1, The radeator vents through the doors! The would of acted like wings causing the doors to be ripped off at speed! never really understood why the doors were tore off in some pics I have seen of it,,,,do now
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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