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Australia’s most Famous Mustang

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Here we have Australia's most Famous Mustang, it's a 1969 Boss 302 Trans-Am Mustang.

A little history of the 1:1.
Driver: Allan Moffat.
Engine: Boss 302 V8, 485bhp at 7500rpm
Top Speed: 175mph.
Transmission: Ford 4 speed Top Loader.

This was a new factory built "for the U.S.A. Trans-Am Championship" Mustang, in F.A.V.C. in Detroit & prepared by Bud Moore Engineering for Allan Moffat Racing.
This was the 1st time Australia had seen such up to date engineering on the racetrack, back in the year of 1969, and with the well known sponsorship of coca cola backing it up, it was sure a winner from the get go.
This record-breaking car raced in 157 races, and had an amazing 101 wins.
It raced up until regulation changes here in Australia forced it into retirement in 1974.

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Hey Mike great looking. Thanks for the history on it
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