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Auto Art quality issues

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I know there has been much of this topic talked of lately but i want to add my thoughts. For the last 3 to 4 months, i have been purchasing various Auto Art models that seem to have quality control issues. I will list them with the problems.

1-Bugati Veyron (Black/Red) Missing rear passenger side caliper
2-BMW M3 Watson (White/Green) Same as above
3-MB 190E 2.5 Evo (Black) Wrong writing on engine
4-Ford Mustang 2005 (Red) Tailight fell off

Today, i went to my favorite store excited about buying the new Ford Shelby Concept. I took it out of the box for close inspection. Not there most detailed (in my opinion)
but the problem was the (Powered by Ford) on the valve cover. the driver's side was updide down.

I know that nothing is perfect but with the rising cost of these cars, i am expecting more than what i am finding. I was a big Auto Art fan but cannot figure them out. I have emailed them with my concerns (defect on my cars) with no reply. Now when i go shopping, i am really dissapointed with their products. The prices are high and quality is down.

Well, that was my 2 cents! Thanks for reading

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I do no know these defects listed by you but the one I know is the Mercedes 190E with the engine spelling mistake. Furthermore they still want to increase their price while quality control has been dropped. There is a change in the management, I think!
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