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Here's the newest addition to my collection. I got it with 1 bid on eBay. I've always wanted a Police cruiser to sit along side all my fast cars. Something for the speeders to look out for.

This car is incredibly detailed with a beautifully smooth paint job. The Police markings and stripes are painted on with very sharp and crisp detail.

Exterior detail is fantastic with the authentic looking chrome around the windows rather than painted on silver with less expensive models. The inserts in the bumpers are rubber but the bumpers themselves are plastic. Everything looks to be in scale including the antennas. The body gaps are so tight it's difficult to open the doors, hood and trunk. The headlights look realistic along with the tail lights, but I'm not sure the painted on orange side marker lights look right. Included with the model is a decal sheet to add car numbers. I would have loved if they made the light bar lightable. A small push down on it, or something to that affect would make a fun realistic effect.

All 4 doors open to show radio equipment in the interior, and the security glass between the front and rear seats. Detailing on the rest of the interior is mainly plastic but well done with the gauges showing nicely. Inside the trunk includes a fullsize rubber spare, shotgun and other equipment. They did forget one very important detail, seatbelts. The seat buckles are well detailed beside the seats but there are no seat belts.

The wheels are well done with very detailed hub caps. I can't say anything about the brake detail because they're covered by the hub caps.

Engine detail is also very well done with various canisters painted and warning stickers clearly visible. You can almost read the warning labels. The undercarriage looks a little odd. I've never seen the underside of a police cruiser or the underside of a Crown Victoria for that matter but I'm not sure if the under body should be white. The exhaust system is what I'm not sure of. Should it be that color? Suspension detailing is excellent but it's non functional.

I'm Canadian EH! So that's why I got an RCMP cruiser but AutoArt does make other police cruisers. The only gripe I have is the hood and trunk don't stay open. Also the doors don't open far enough (I couldn't get my camera in far enough for a close up of the interior) and you have to be careful in which order you open or close them. You can't open the rear doors unless the front is open.

And ( I know you're not supposed to start a sentence with "and" BUT) the car won't fit in my display cabinet because it's so long. This is the first 4 door car I've added to my collection. All my other cars are 2 door.

My Opinion:

Paint 8 (even coverage with no color variances, very smooth)
Exterior 7 (not sure they should have painted the side marker orange, very tight panel gaps)
Interior 5 (they forgot cops wear seatbelts just like us)
Engine/Undercarriage 6 (the driveshaft is molded into the body pan)
Competition 5 (this is the best police cruiser for the money, lots of others out there but they lack the detail and precision)
Desirability 4 (getting hard to find, lots of other manufacturers make police cruisers but this is one of the best)
Overall 45
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Right side
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Engine detail
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Trunk with full size rubber spare
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Yeah, that model looks pretty sweet. Looks pretty high in quality compared to other AAs. I'm surprised the rear doors open. I love Crown Vics, probably going to be my first car because they're cheap to insure and last forever.

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nice review Zac :cheers

this 1 scored high

as 4 the exhaust, the R34 GTR has part of the exhaust system the same colour so it could be rite :confused

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Thanks for the excellent review and awesome pics Zac, it's a very nice model from AUTOart. The only time I really don't like this car is when I see the 1:1 with the lights flashing in my rear view mirror. :eek:hmy

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Scott_S said:
Rat said:
Thanks for the excellent review and awesome pics Zac, it's a very nice model from AUTOart. The only time I really don't like this car is when I see the 1:1 with the lights flashing in my rear view mirror. :eek:hmy

It almost looks like Motormax copied the AUTOart Crown Vic.
Pretty close,

You can actually use the Motormax undercarriage, interior, and trunk on a AUTOart body.

For the money, the Motormax CV is a good buy in my humble opinion.
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