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Great pics Richard! :nicejob
There's something about B&W photography that makes the model look so good! Well, the Gallardo IS good, but your pics made it even better. I hope to be posting pics of my bovine duo shortly.

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StygianMax said:
Cool pics Richard.

I love the way the texture of the rear grill punches out. :nicejob :nicejob
Unsharp mask is my friend! :lol I also discovered how to use the clone stamp tool today - very handy for removing lint from black cars. All hail VR for his advice and guidance. Thank you good sir - we are all indebted.
I would say a good deal of the great photography here is a result of your influence.

Felix, I just noticed - if you look above the left exhaust you can see my hand punching out as well. :lol
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