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added a short writeup of the AUTOart Diablo VT Roadster on my new blog

Here's the summary (Full review, please click on the link) :http://louiscars.com/

When this Autoart was released, it was probably one of the best models out there. But with recent improvements in newer models, it's just not as good. The feel of the car is rather light as well, with more then neccesary use of plastics. On earlier production runs, the roof was not removable, this was fixed on the later cars. So make sure you do a check before putting down the $$$. To sum up, because this is an old car, they can be found for pretty good prices, which make them superb value for money. When you think of it in a "Detail / Money ratio". You can't go wrong with this car. Especially if you like Lamborghinis. Get it if you can find it for a good price. It's not the best model out there anymore, but it will not look out of place among the best Autoart cars out there.
Review added to the DX Model Review Database on 16-SEPT-2005
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