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Don't really know much about the G-wagens history but it could be said that the ML is a minivan with hiking boots, if so this is a Hummer in a tuxedo

I have really wanted this model ever since Boxing day last year when i sawa TopGear Review on the G55 AMG and thought what a fantastic car it was, and straight away i wanted a model in 1:18 of it.

I searched around and found that the only 1:18 G55's are blinging ones made by i think mattel which i didn't want, then by accident i stumbled across this, which looks just a great and has loads of detail so i wanted it. Trouble was that it was hard to find and never came across it until a few days ago, where going die-cast shoping mad i found one but it was in black and was insistant in getting one in Silver, then moved the back one out of the way off the shelf and found a Silver one, i snapped it up without a split seconds hesitation.


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Sid: Hmmmmmm.....................not to sure all that is going to fit in there.

Eddy: So are we going to drive this here?
Sid: Or are we going to drive out in the yard?
Vince: No
Eddy: No? What do you mean No?

Vince: Wait untill Monday, im going to put this thing through its paces and really take Merc's off-road claims of this car to the test.

Stay tuned for outdoor pics with a difference..................

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Nice Pics! :cheers BTW, Hot Wheels makes a non-bling version too. :giggle
I always thought that the Hot Wheels were under scale, until I measured a 1:1 in the parking lot at our office. The 1:1 are smaller than they look. My Explorer dwarfed it by several feet.

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Thats a beaut my old mate Deano. Your pics are nice and clear too, so well done.

Where did you buy this?

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