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As u all know , all my cars are kept in a metal cabinet.
this metal cabinet keeps out dust (well..most of it), it also keeps out sunlight and heat and also a bit of humidity. (i even put in some little packs of Silica gel)

Yesterday while i was looking at some of my cars are gonna rearrange em, i notice that the rear tires on my AUTOart Nismo Z-Tune has FLAT-SPOTS!!!

My other Skyline, a VSpec II does NOT have this problem. They sit side by side next to each other. i had to rotate the tires around and hope that the flat spot will be gone ..... :(

So other Nismo owners' do take note...

flat spots and you only owned this model for a few months?????

that's wierd, flat spots are more likely to occur when you leave models for lengthy periods wothout rotating the tyres occasionaly, some ways to prevent this is to rotate tyres regularly, put corrugated carboard under the tyres or keep the car on a base with the wheels off the ground

I doubt you can fix flat spots, new tyres are the way to go

mustangEleanor said:
Please someone can photo or explain what is FLAT SPOTS for me?

I have the Nismo Skyline too


It's when the wheels are no longer "round" (due to excessive weight and/or weak tires) on the model. :cheers
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