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AUTOart Subaru STI versions?

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Can someone please tell me how many different versions of this car AUTOart made and in what colors. :feedback

So far I have only been able to find blue and I am not to crazy about the wheels on it.

I took a ride in one of these tonight and that thing thing is fun :tongue


I found a black as well as a white one. :yahoo
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According to scale18, AUTOart has made the bug eyed version in 4 colors, white blue, black and silver. The estate version comes in blue, silver and white.

The new headlite version has 3 colors, blue, white and for future release, black.

The wheels are all in traditional subaru gold.
There's currently 2 versions of the bugeyed STi (Sedan and Wagon). The colors are blue, white, black and silver (n/a for the wagon).

The current STi is due for release this summer and will be made by AUTOart, too
Which one is the version that Nadav posted in the Sedan|Coupe|Vert Forum, it has 5 Star wheels.

Also, what is the difference between the white one with the really big wing on the rear?
And note that the AUTOart Bugeye has a mistake because the STi cars are supposed to have black headlight enclosures.

Only the AUTOart Wagon WRX STi has the correct headlights
Nadav's (black) Suby is a 2002 model. It has 'bug-eye' headlights and smaller hood scoop and spoiler. The 1:1 was not sold here.

The still-to-be released big winged Suby STi resembles the one being sold here in the States (2004 and beyond). The differences between ours and JDM (and EDM) versions is the engine. We get the 2.5L, the rest of the world gets a 2.0L. Also, we get the nicer BBS wheels (pictured) standard and the rest of the world gets those funky wheels with less spokes and have to pay extra to get wheels like us. :giggle

The upcoming STi AUTOart will release is based on the JDM Subie. :cheers

EDIT: The white Suby Nadav posted pictures of is an older gen (Ver.7?)

I am referring to this white one. It looks to be a street version of a racing version.

I really like the black, but not with rhd :badidea
:iagree As I mentioned in a previous topic, I had a WRX STi get traded in on a 2002 Corvette and when I took some salespeople for a blast in it they agreed that it was a fast machine. They learned not to doubt me again after that. Some underwears changed colour after that ride. :giggle The guy came back 2 weeks later asking if we still had the car as he regreted the trade believe it or not.
Darrick, that one is the 'customer' version made for the privateer rally teams. The interior is all business; rollcage, bucketseats, spare tire, fire extinguisher, etc.

Is that the one you're trying to get?
Yes that one and a black LHD version.

I would possibly like to get two of the white one, one for myself and the other as a gift. Are they hard to find?
and yeah, unfortunately, all the bug eyes are RHD. I think the the upcoming Subie will have both RHD and LHD version. Not sure, though.
Alright, thanks for the help.

I'll kep an eye out for the white one. I may have to pass on the black version if its not available in LHD.
Nadav's white STi is hard to find nowadays. The 'plain body' customer STi can still be found in white and blue.
I found a AUTOart catalog with them in it, that should help me out some.
One last thing I forgot to mention. :eek:ops

The customer 'plain body' STi is LHD.

K, I'm done. :giggle
Maybe nadav will send it to me as a parting gift :wink

Hear that nadav :lol

Well, he did say he's going to give me a Clio V6 so I don't see why not... :giggle
I'm kinda late to this topic, but here's my understanding:

1) old gen 4 door sedan Sti (with 5 spoke gold rims)
2) old gen 2 door type R (5 spoke gold rims on blue, 5 spoke black rims on yellow)
3) old gen 2 door 22b (multi-spoke rims)

4) bug eyes 4 door sedan Sti (weird 5 spoke thingies in gold)
5) bug eyes 4 door wagon Sti (weird 5 spoke thingies in gold)

6) new gen 4 door sedan STi (To be released in july)

7) new gen 4 door rally road car (multi spoke gold rims)

The colours I don't remember, but:
#1 HTF (actually the store I frequent has a bunch of these left... weird)
#2 HTF (more so than #1)
#3 HCHTF (holy crap hard to find!)
#4 easy to find
#5 ok to find
#6 not out yet :p
#7 easy to find (as it was recently released)
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Hmmm... I wonder why Gian may know something about these?? :giggle
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